Tel Aviv. The first Hebrew city.

Tel Aviv is the city that has been written and told about so much,
and still, there is not a day that does not surprise you.
There is not a day when the city does not tell you something new.

The energies, the movement, the feeling that at any moment
something special is happening , that special feeling no matter
how big, always gives you the feeling that you are in the center.
To live in Tel Aviv means to believe in freedom, to believe in opportunity, to believe in possibilities.

So, that’s just how you should live. From the amazing sunrise,
to the breathtaking sunset, Tel Aviv is picturesque, filled with exciting places and attractions, colorful markets, and of course  the magnificent architecture that has accompanied us for over a century, Whether walking through the vivid streets, or beautiful beaches, Tel Aviv allows everyone to be who he is.

Tel Aviv allows everyone to express themselves, and allows you to live just
the way you want. There exists a whole world, yet just one unique Tel Aviv,
and starting from today you can also call Tel Aviv a home. Your Home.

Tel Aviv’s desirable Hayarkon Street has been the heart of the city for decades. The center of a city that never stops.

The coastal city begins near the Charles Clore Park in its southern border and its northern point stretches to the Tel Aviv port its. The beaches are widespread and  stunning, a promenade that is undergoing renovation, a variety of gourmet restaurants, many tourist sites and many historical buildings, each a story in itself.

The project at Hayarkon 54 allows you to enjoy the most vibrant scene in the city. Within a short walk, you can enjoy everything this historic city has to offer. Every day, Every hour.


Your surroundings,
all within a walking distance


location. location. location.

There are few instances where you can talk about a perfect location.
The Hayarkon 54 project is definitely one of them.The project is in close proximity to the seashore, and to the historic city. By bicycle, foot, taxi or car, wherever you choose to go, the city is close to you.
The city is right here.


The Project Ha'Yarkon 54

Project ‘Hayarkon 54, Tel Aviv’ was designed in a way that allows it to blend into the space and be part of a spectacular architectural mosaic that passes through the street.

An intimate and meticulous only 11 unit apartments built on a mere 6 floors designed to accommodate only 2 residential units per floor.
Smart design, along with the highest standard allows you to enjoy high quality in a project on an international level in which every detail is carefully selected.

Four wind directions per apartment, adjacent parking spaces, designed public areas and more, allow us to give you the best.


The Project Ha'Yarkon 54

  • Download
    • 4 room apartment
    • Floors 1-5
    • 113M²
    • Balcony 14M²
  • Download
    • 2.5 room apartment
    • Floors 1-5
    • 64M²
    • Balcony 12M²
  • Download
    • 3 room apartment
    • 6th Floor
    • 81M²
    • Balcony 109M²
  • Download
    • 7 room penthouse
    • Floor 5-6
    • 258M²
    • Balcony 135M²


Architecture: Gidi Bar Orian

The architect of the project is architect Gidi Bar Orian, who is responsible for some of the city’s leading architectural structures.

Along with optimal planning, spatial vision and the preservation
of the connection between time and place, a unique and innovative apartment building has been designed to give its residents a sense of home in a vibrant urban environment.

Today is the best living experience in the town.


Entrepreneurship and Management

Nitzan Group specializes in exclusive real estate projects and construction in the heart of Tel Aviv.

The company has a strong and stable financial backing along with a professional and experienced team. Each project location is carefully selected and thoughtfully acquired, they are considered among the most desired in Tel Aviv.

Cautious architectural design and uncompromising quality of construction guarantee the company’s customers a quality of life at the highest level.

When it comes to the customer service, Nitzan Group believes in accessibility, reliability and transparency with their clients, and provides you a professional accompaniment throughout the project’s construction and occupancy period.

The Nitzan Group has additional projects in Tel Aviv, including:
Ahad Ha’am project on 27 Ahad Ha’am St. The Ness Tziona project at 11 Ness Tsiyona St. and the Geula Project at 14-18 Geula St.

We invite you to enjoy a unique living experience,
in a building built especially for you.

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